CHAMPION FINDER question mark
  1. Use the Champion Finder to search for Champions having various combinations of attributes; then add them to your Composition!
  2. The Lane filter will restrict the Champions list to those having at least one of the selected attributes.
  3. The Role filter is used to restrict the Champions list to those having ALL the selected attributes.
  4. Use the Damage filter to choose either Physical, Magical or No Preference.
  5. Use the Game filter to choose Early, Mid, Late or No Preference.
  6. The Reset Filter button allows you to clear the filter selections and redisplay the full list of Champions.
  7. Click on Champion's image to add them to your Comp Builder. Alternatively, begin typing the name of a Champion in the text box. When you see the name of the Champion you're interested in, select it and click the add to comp button. Remove a champion by clicking on their icon in the Comp Builder.

 Hard CC
 Hard Engage
 No pref.
 Early Game
 Mid Game
 Late Game
 No pref.